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Blue silica gel: How to judge the quality of blue silica gel desiccant?

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What is the usage of blue silica gel? Many people cannot distinguish between desiccants and additives. Food additives are synthetic or natural substances added to food to improve its quality, color, aroma and taste, and meet the needs of preservation, preservation and processing technology. It also includes nutritional fortifiers, food flavors, basic substances in chewing gum, and processing aids in the food industry. Blue silica gel desiccant is generally independent of food packaging and absorbs excess water in the packaging bag, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the food. Additives added to the food will enter the human body as the food is ingested.
Blue silica gel desiccant refers to a product that removes water from the packaging space and is dried by combining with water to form a hydrate. Food additives refer to chemically synthesized or natural substances added to food to improve food quality, color, aroma and taste, and to meet the needs of preservation and processing technology. Generally speaking, food additives may not be food or have nutritional value, but they should conform to the above-defined concept, that is, do not affect the nutritional value of food, and have the effect of preventing food spoilage, enhancing food sensory characteristics or improving food quality. Silica gel desiccant is also called moisture-proof beads: it should be a more common and widely used desiccant on the market. However, many customers do not know how to distinguish between good and bad silica gel, and often buy inferior silica gel at the price of good silica gel. First, take out a small package of silica gel desiccant, and open it to see if the silica gel inside is a good irregular bead, if it is too powdery or broken. Then, we will see if there are glass beads or impurities in it. You can take a few packs of samples and put them for a few days to see if the quality of each pack has improved, and by what percentage, we can probably determine its quality and judge the quality of the desiccant. It is nothing more than observing the appearance of the product and the packaging material. , Raw materials, and then the weighing ratio after moisture absorption. The following silica gel desiccant manufacturers will tell you the appearance and packaging materials in detail. So what is the usage of blue silica gel?
Blue silica gel desiccant product appearance: good bag desiccant has a neat appearance, clear printing, moderate seal width, no jam at the seal, moderate fullness of raw materials, and inferior desiccants are often rough and crooked. The sealing width is different and the printing is blurred, which makes the bag particularly bulging.
Desiccant packaging materials: good packaging materials have uniform thickness, no spots, smooth surface, high strength, inferior packaging materials, uneven thickness, and even some places where the raw materials can be clearly seen, the surface is rough, and there are stains . The fiber falls off and fades severely when pinched by hand, and it will split from the seal when pinched by hand, making it easy to tear.
Weigh the product after moisture absorption: Weigh the original weight of the silica gel desiccant and record it, put it in a humid environment for 48 hours, then weigh it again, compare with the original weight to see if the weight has increased significantly, and then at 105 Dry for 3 hours and weigh again. If it is lower than the original weight, it proves that the silica gel desiccant does not meet the nominal weight. As for the usage of blue silica gel, it is recommended to read the instruction manual carefully.

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