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What to do if the car is wet

release time:2021.03.20announcer:Century Haiyang

During the rainy season, heavy rains continue for several days at a time. Some private car owners said that every time it rains, the inside of the car is always damp, making it very uncomfortable to drive. Century Marine technicians said that after the rain, the interior of the car will become very humid, and some small daily items such as old newspapers and dehumidification boxes can be used to dehumidify and dehumidify the interior of the car.
After the rain, the moisture inside the car is high, which is mainly caused by the lack of air circulation in the car. The food, trinkets, clothing, etc. placed in the car are prone to mildew in humid air, and the car owner should be especially careful. Leather seats and car audio systems are also susceptible to moisture.
The easiest way to dehumidify your car is to put a few packets of desiccant, bamboo charcoal deodorant or dehumidifier box on the four corners of the car, and pay attention to regular inspection and replacement. In addition, putting old newspapers on the front and back foot pads or spreading them out on a chair will also have a good damp removal effect. For car audio to prevent moisture, it is best to turn on the audio and let it work for a while when driving after rain, so as to reduce the erosion of the audio system by the humid air. Once the speaker is found to be damp, go to a professional outlet for repairs in time. When the weather turns fine, it is best to find a place with sunlight, open the windows for ventilation, and perform a "big wash", so that the water vapor accumulated inside the body will be quickly removed after the body is heated in the sun, and the moisture removal effect is also very good.

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