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Is the dehumidifier real? Why is there so much water?

release time:2021.03.20announcer:Centutg Haiyang

1. The dehumidifier is real. The reason why the dehumidifier emits a lot of water is because the main component of the dehumidifier is calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is non-toxic. It has a strong water absorption capacity and can absorb moisture in the air and chemically react to form hydrates, which leads to a large amount of moisture in the process of using dehumidifiers.
Dehumidifier calcium chloride moisture absorption principle: anhydrous calcium chloride CACL2, when the air humidity is high, it will absorb the water vapor in the air and turn it into water. But if there is not much water, CACL2·6H2O, a kind of hydrate, will be produced. Therefore, the dehumidifier mainly uses the deliquescent physical properties of calcium chloride to work. Calcium chloride is neutral in nature and non-toxic, but there will be adverse reactions such as vomiting after ingestion. Therefore, do not contact directly, including the water produced later and the hydrate produced halfway.
2. Home dehumidification method
1. Close doors and windows tightly in wet weather
For the rainy season and summer rain tide, simple dehumidification is not a fundamental solution. As long as the humid air from outside enters the room, the room will continue to flow. Damp. Therefore, in order to prevent the humidity caused by the weather, it is best to close the doors and windows tightly during the rain and reduce the convection of warm and humid indoor and outdoor air.
2. Lime dehumidification
Use a small cloth bag to pack an appropriate amount of lime, tie it into a small bag and place it in every corner of the room. The lime itself has the effect of absorbing moisture, and it can also reduce the humidity in the room or find a carton to install Quicklime, just put it in an inconspicuous place in the room, it can get rid of dampness and disinfection, killing two birds with one stone.
3. Air dehumidifiers
Air dehumidifiers are divided into intelligent and non-intelligent types. The non-intelligent type is low in price. Once activated, it will not stop working, which may cause excessive air in a closed room. Dry, and intelligent dehumidifiers can set the air humidity. Therefore, when using non-intelligent dehumidifiers, attention should be paid to switching on and off in time, and intelligent ones should be used as far as possible in the economy.

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