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Is desiccant poisonous

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1. Silica gel desiccant
This is our most common desiccant; it is a translucent particle formed by the precipitation of silicate plus acid or ammonium salt and activated at high temperature. The desiccant itself has a porous structure, so the adsorption area is larger, and the adsorption effect is very good. Individual particles with different colors can always be found in the packaging bag of this desiccant, which is cobalt chloride or silica gel soaked in cobalt chloride.
Although the composition of this desiccant seems to be complicated, it will not have any serious consequences even if it is eaten in the stomach, because the intestines and stomach will not absorb this substance at all, and of course there is no toxicity. The excrement is discharged. However, if other adverse symptoms occur, seek medical attention in time to rule out the possibility of poisoning by other substances.
2. Calcium oxide desiccant
also commonly known as quicklime, is a kind of lumps, mostly white and off-white in color, which can absorb moisture in the air. Food, clothing, digital products, etc. It can be used as a desiccant. After it absorbs water, it will produce mature lime calcium hydroxide, which has stronger water absorption, but is very toxic.
If you accidentally swallow this desiccant, you will be burned by the heat from the process of producing calcium hydroxide, and calcium hydroxide is alkaline, which will cause corrosion to our body. If it comes into contact with the eyes, it will also cause cornea. The cell deforms, which is terrible.

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