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How to prevent moisture in photographic equipment

release time:2021.03.20announcer:Century Haiyang

The mold that grows in a humid environment can cause great damage to photographic equipment. Nowadays, the lens surface of the lens is coated. This kind of coating is very delicate. Once the mold becomes mildewed, the mold will produce spot or filamentous mildew spots on the surface of the lens, which will affect the light transmittance and imaging performance of the lens. In severe cases, it will cause the lens. Scrap; if the photographic equipment is kept in a humid environment for a long time, its internal electronic devices will be damaged, which will accelerate the aging of the integrated circuit and affect the life of the display screen. Therefore, in the wet spring, it is very important to prevent moisture and mildew for photographic equipment.


1) Place to dry Agent:
The easiest and relatively cheap way to prevent moisture from photographic equipment is to put a few bags of desiccant in the camera bag. The desiccant can be used to remove moisture from the camera. But it should be noted that: it should be replaced frequently according to the weather conditions and actual weather changes in the shooting location, because the camera bag cannot be sealed, and the desiccant put in will not have the effect of continuous drying.
2) Sealed storage box + place desiccant:
For ordinary consumer-grade digital cameras, another practical way to prevent moisture is to seal the storage box + desiccant. Sealed storage boxes are generally available in supermarkets, and the sealing tape at the seal of the box can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture. When storing photographic equipment, you only need to put the desiccant at the bottom of the sealed box and spread a clean white cloth as an isolation layer. In principle, do not allow the photographic equipment to directly contact the desiccant, and then seal the lid.
3) Moisture-proof box:
For enthusiasts with consumer strength, it is recommended to adopt a more secure method of moisture-proof, that is, use a special moisture-proof box. The cost of the moisture-proof box ranges from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Ordinary sealed moisture-proof boxes are mostly made of high-strength plastic or rubber. The box body is generally equipped with a hygrometer, a rubber sealing ring on the lid, a pressure regulating valve on the top, and a moisture absorption device such as a moisture absorption card. It can be recharged and heated to restore the dry state for repeated use. The electronic moisture-proof box can use a dehumidifier or memory alloy to discharge the water vapor in the enclosed storage space to achieve a controlled humidity. In addition, we should remind photography enthusiasts that the environment of the moisture-proof box is not as dry as possible. The suitable humidity for storage of photographic equipment is between 40% and 50%. The humidity is too low, and the lubricant on some parts may dry up. .

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