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Why do seaborne goods in containers get damp? - Decrypt the invisible moisture in the container

release time:2021.03.20announcer:Century Haiyang

As a safe and economical way of cargo transportation, shipping by container is the favorite way for most exporters. But going by sea will encounter damp problems. Not every time you go by sea, you will encounter serious losses. Some, the first few times were normal, and by the sixth and seventh times, they encountered serious damp and caused great losses. Many people wondered how I would get damp when I put the goods in a tightly closed container. The water is never used? The root cause lies in the lack of systematic moisture-proof protection measures for containers.

First of all, the container is not tight. All containers will have moisture from the loading period and the cargo itself, and no container is completely airtight. The structure of the container determines the existence of gaps, especially near the door. A good system of protective measures can effectively prevent serious cargo damage and economic losses caused by moisture. When exporting goods, you need to use a container. Please check the container systematically first. Check the container door, wall, floor and top for obvious holes, gaps and damage. Ensure that the container is dry and clean.

Secondly, where does the moisture in the container come from?

The moisture in the container mainly comes from the moisture in the air itself, the cargo itself, and the packaging materials (carton, wooden Containers, etc.), pallets, wooden floors of containers, container leaks, etc. The International Container Lessors Association stated that the moisture content of container wooden floors cannot exceed 14%. In fact, the average moisture content of containers still in use in many ports is 18%, and even more than 25%. The main component of the container floor is cork, which has a high moisture content. Some heavy objects have to use wooden boxes. The goods themselves, such as cotton and linen products, palm products, etc., also have a high moisture content. Do not use freshly washed, damp and hot containers. Use dry containers. All pallets and other wood products used in the containers must be dry. The relative humidity should not exceed 12%. You can use a humidity detection portable device (Humidity Detector, to detect the moisture content of packaging materials. Pay special attention to the storage of containers, pallets and corner protectors.

In fact, in the ocean environment, the container inside is like a big steamer. When sealed inside the container The temperature is more than 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature. As the temperature and humidity of the ocean changes drastically between day and night. When goods are transported from low temperature areas to high temperature areas, or the storage environment of goods suddenly changes from cold to hot, pallets, wooden boxes, etc. The moisture inside will also evaporate. The moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the cargo or its packaging to form water, and the cargo itself will also emit water. When the container enters a low-temperature area from a high-temperature area, the internal ambient temperature is changed by When the high temperature turns to the low temperature to reach the dew point temperature, the water vapor will condense into water droplets, which will condense on the top of the container and the surrounding inner walls, and finally drip onto the cargo. This is why the cargo is wet.

Friendly reminder: Please use container desiccant and take precautions against moisture in advance. The purpose is to absorb moisture from the air to reduce entry into the container The total amount of moisture. The amount of container desiccant used depends on the type of cargo, the length of the voyage, and the acceptable degree of damage. Generally, it is recommended to use 6 or more 1 kg container desiccants for a 20-foot container, such as Chunwang's CODC- 91-10 model product. Hang the container desiccant on the hanging ring on the inner wall of the container. If the moisture content of the packaging materials in the container is high, if wooden boxes, pallets, etc., the amount of container desiccant should be increased. Valuable goods should be more important. Take good protection and increase the dosage. You can also spread some CODD-91-10 container desiccant on the carton.

In short, the cost of using desiccant is very low, far less than The goods themselves. It is an effective solution to protect the goods at a very low cost.

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